HP Discontinues Spot Colors

June 02, 2021 Kirk Rudy

Effective April 30, 2021 HP has discontinued producing their Spot Blue Ink (C6170A). Having previously discontinued their Spot Red ink in 2018, HP now does not offer any colored inks in 45A style cartridges. So, we have partnered with a major digital ink manufacturer in South Carolina and had them formulate our own ETC Brand Spot Blue and Spot Red ink cartridges.

These new water based inks are guaranteed to perform just as good as original HP ink. In fact our ink company purchases the brand new empty cartridges directly from HP, and has a license to fill them with our ink.

Both red and blue cartridges are almost identical to the colors of the original HP ink, and with a 2 year shelf life, are guaranteed to perform just as good as the original HP product.

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